Short trip to Southern Italy in winter

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Those of you who have been following me for a while now, probably have already noticed that the most of our traveling happens in winter. Winter is not only the time when busiest work season ends for us, but also is the best time to visit Europe for those who want to spend less money, see more without being irritated by tons of tourists, and of course for those who aren't afraid of bad weather. But as someone once said "there is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes" or as I would say "only lack of desire".

We had only 4 days in Italy so we knew that we wont be able visit all the possible places around Puglia so we just enjoyed our time there by walking around the small old-towns and admiring Italian culture. Over and over again. We flew to Bari airport and lived in a small town called Monopoli which is only 30 minutes away from Bari, "the capital of Puglia". We found our apartment on which seemed to be unbelievably cheap. Besides the fact that it had no daylight, we lived in the middle of old town and only 1 minute walk from the sea.

As you can see from the pictures, most of the streets were empty, not only from tourists but from Italians as well. As some locals told us "It's too cold for us to go out". When we told them that we feel like it's spring here, relating to where we are from, they were more than surprised. 

While planing our trip I already knew that a must-see place for us is "Polignano a Mare". To tell you the truth we were just overwhelmed by its beauty. I wouldn't lie if I said that it was one of the most beautiful places that we have visited so far. We spent more than an hour just siting there, chatting and enjoying that beautiful view. And of course, took probably hundreds of pictures. If that wouldn't be enough, we met a really nice Italian guy, Antonio Cavaliere, who sang us beautiful Italian song "Volare". I'm pretty sure that every time when I will hear this song, It will bring me all the beautiful memories from Italy.

We also visited "Mola di Bari" which, as we later understood, was only an industrial district of Bari (or a town). But that's what happens when you try to explore everything by yourself, right? Anyway, we saw a different, non-touristic side of Italy as well. 
And that was it, besides tons of cups of Italian cappuccino and delicious Italian cuisine. Today we received our postcard from Italy with warm wishes. I hope, we will keep up with our tradition as well as I will be able to share my moments with you.

Lets meet in our dreams,

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